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The practice Drivers have to get out of the car when coupling and uncoupling all kinds of chassis in order to make and break the connections between truck and trailer. This is done manually by hand, is time-consuming and carries a high risk of accidents for the driver. The problem Risk to occupational safety Unattractive workplace Permanent increase in costs due to tractor and personnel use Costs due to unproductive waiting times in the "bulk business of container handling Unreliable process reliability/cycle Environmental pollution due to high fuel consumption Potential for automated handling cannot be fully exploited The solution AUCOS-Coup - comfortable and safe chassis change directly from the driver's cab! Due to the worldwide unique patented mechanics, the system works from all approach angles and in robust applications. Operation is safe and reliable! The system also offers operators the following advantages: Increased productivity Fewer trucks and more trailers lead to a higher turnover rate Time savings in coupling and uncoupling operations Lower fuel consumption per trailer moved Reduced environmental impact Increased safety and prevention of accidents at work Reduced workload and thus less stress for the driver