AUCOS Kingpin - the intelligent Kingpin
In the hollow-drilled kingpin,  the connection of the connector  components take place, which  are responsible for the  transmission of power, air and  data.
Tractor Cab - the safest  place to connect and disconnect
The driver remains in the cab  during the coupling process. This  greatly improves work safety. An  optional control display informs  the driver about the coupling  status.
AUCOS Fifth-Wheel Fully automatic with Lifting Mechanism
AUCOS Coup is based on a modified  standard fifth wheel coupling with the  proven locking claws for mechanical  locking of trucks and trailers. The  adapted lifting mechanism ensures  the connection between the  connecting components.
„The system is reliable and increases our productivity.“
Jim Jacobs, Head of Repair Maintenance LBCT Long Beach Container Terminal, Southern California, USA. AUCOS Coup in operation since 2016 with 30 tractors and 90 trailers. The system has proven itself: With over 20 million coupling operationsin LBCT. Pay-Back-Time of AUCOS Coup at LBCT in less than 3 months!
This is how AUCOS Coup works
AUCOS COUP - Fully automatic connection of Truck and Trailer - AUCOS SYSTEMS GMBH - Germany