Increase in productivity through AUCOS Coup Calculate your individual productivity improvement With our unique automatic coupling system, significant productivity and savings potential can be accomplished compared to the conventional operation of motor vehicles and trailers in container terminals. Enormous optimization potential can be achieved in without changing the existing transport technology. You can quickly and easily determine the benefits and savings in your individual case with the help of our Excel tool. Now fill out the contact form and you can download the calculation tool free of charge:
AUCOS COUP - Increase in productivity through AUCOS Coup - AUCOS SYSTEMS GMBH - Germany
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Information: with just a few input data, you can carry out a comprehensive analysis of savings potential, amortization period an capital commitment:
The main results are displayed directly below the input data:
In addition to the pure key figures, the essential results are also presented in the form of diagrams:
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Disclaimer of liability AUCOS-Systems GmbH has taken great care in creating this Excel calculator. We have also tried to make the calculation results transparent in the 'Calculations' worksheet. Nevertheless, AUCOS-Systems GmbH cannot guarantee that the required input values and calculation results are suitable and correct for the specific needs of the user. The interested party is responsible both for the internal collection of the input data and for the use of the calculation results. The liability of AUCOS-Systems GmbH for incorrect use and interpretation of the calculation results is excluded. The calculation results are only used as a guide and are not a substitute for a detailed investment calculation or expert advice. If necessary, the user will therefore seek professional advice or perform internal calculations before using the calculation results and making decisions based on them. If the user fails to do this and damages occur as a result, the liability of AUCOS-Systems GmbH is excluded.